Libra Vodka

Libra Vodka – easily recognized by its silver-symbol-decorated label – is an outstanding vodka made from the high-class spirit that is distilled from a carefully selected European winter wheat. The local water is used from our own artesian wells to take full control over the process of crafting our vodka. The spirit and water mix undergoes several stages of purification and filtration, including the traditional quartz sand and black charcoal filtration used traditionally in the Vodka Belt region. A final touch is added by the infusion of a tiny drop of the extract from top-quality raisins to finetune the liquid for a perfect smoothness without altering any other taste properties – this is what is called special vodka here. It is best served neat well-chilled, on the rocks, or as an indispensable ingredient in cocktails.

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Price range: Mainstream
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