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Confectionery factory “Spartak” is the largest manufacturer of confectionery products in Belarus. The chronicle of the factory “Spartak” began on June 4, 1924 in Gomel, when confectionery company “Prosvet” was opened. Its current name was received on November 8, 1931.

The main products manufactured by the factory are: caramel candy, chocolate and chocolate products, biscuits, wafer products, cakes and pastries. There are four main workshops in the factory: biscuit, caramel, wafer, chocolate candy.

The factory “Kommunarka” is one of the biggest manufacturer of confectionery in the Republic of Belarus. It is produced up to 25 thousand tones of confectionery products at the factory yearly. The wide assortment of the factory consists of more than 300 kinds of confectionery products.

At present time there are 5 main workshops at the factory: candy workshop 1, candy workshop 2, candy workshop 3, caramel workshop and chocolate workshop.

OJSC “Krasny pischevik” modern confectionery enterprise of the Republic of Belarus, with its tradition and rich history. Over the years the products of the enterprise pleases both the adults and the small buyers.

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