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The trademark Kristall is a classic, recognized not only in Belarus, but also far abroad. Balsam “Belorussky”, nastoyka “Belovezhskaya”, classical vod­kas “Present” and “Belaya Rus Lux” and special vodkas “Kryshtal Belovezhskaya” and “Khlebnoe Vino” – this is the list of drinks, far from being complete, which were created as far back as in the last century, but are still popular, have genuine Belarusian color and are deser­vedly valued worldwide.

OJSC “Brestsky likero-vodochny zavod “Belalko” (Brest Distillery) – is one of the largest producers and suppliers of liqueurs and spirits in Europe. Brest Distillery “Belalko” is engaged in the production of vodka, infusions (nastoika), liqueurs, cognac filling.

The products of Distillery “Belalko” are exported into many countries of the world.

The factory was founded in 1898. Today it is a modern enterprise that produces more than 40 units of alcoholic beverages.

Vodka “General Governor” received a silver medal at the 24th International Exhibition of Food, Beverages and Raw Materials for Their Production “PRODEXPO – 2017” (Moscow)

Vodka from the ancient Belarusian city of Gomel is made from high-quality spirit “Lux” and natural ingredients. At the International exhibitions-tastings the company’s products received more than 70 of the highest awards for excellent quality, widely known in the countries of the European Union and the Russian Federation.

The plant was founded in the 80s of the XIX century. Today it is one of the largest Belarusian producers of alcoholic beverages (vodka, alcoholic beverages). Voronchansky branch of the plant produces raw alcohol, ethyl rectificate, rye dry malt, used in bakery. The company’s products have been repeatedly awarded at international exhibitions-tastings. The purity of the natural product is combined in vodka with a unique taste, each contains secrets, born thanks to the experience and talent of the plant’s specialists.

JSC Klimovichsky Distillery. The plant was founded in 1857. The plant is one of the largest and oldest enterprises in the industry. Today it is a diversified enterprise that produces vodka and alcoholic beverages, alcohol-rectificate, wines, drinks.

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